So you think you want a Beagle...

There are things you should know!!

Beagles are wonderful, happy little hounds and are great family pets for several reasons;

  • They are medium sized dogs.
  • They are short-haired and their coats are relatively low-maintenance but they DO SHED.
  • They are great with children (with a gentle hand) and with other pets. 

Beagles are shown in two different varieties, 13" and under, and between 13" and 15". Other than their size, there is no difference between the two.

Beagles also come in many different hound colors, with the most common being the tri-color Black Tan and White.

Beagles are very smart but they can be stubborn at times and often do things on their own terms and with their own agenda. They are trainable, but only if you are willing to put some time and effort into the training.

We recommend that Beagles be crate trained. Beagles, like most dogs, love to have place they consider their own. Besides, crate training will make house training that much easier.

Beagles love to eat and they are the type of dog that will eat until they explode! We do not recommend that you free-feed a Beagle. They will eat everything you leave for them and then beg for more. Beagles, depending on their size, should weigh somewhere between 15 lbs. and 25 lbs.

It is an absolute necessity that Beagles have a securely fenced yard or kennel area at home. Beagles are scent hounds and the nose controls the brain. Beagles love to explore and are liable to chase a scent at anytime. When this happens the nose takes over and they seem to lose their sense of hearing. They can get so caught up in following the scent they will forget where they are or that someone is calling them. You should never let a beagle off lead unless the area is completely and securely fenced. Some breeds do well with invisible fences, beagles are not one of them. You should never leave your beagle unattended with an invisible fence.


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